Refinishing  flexible & rigid plastics

1. clean first with SEM soap and gray scuff pad. rinse with water & dry. repeat until water beading no longer occurs.  Sem scuff & clean is a more aggresive cleaner  & can be used in place of Sem soap, but do not rub real hard on some substrates.

2. Clean with SEM plastic/leather prep wiping in one direction. (can substitute world class vinyl/plastic prep #38464 & rinse with water).

3. Promote adhesion on ABS, PVC & other similar plastics, apply sand free if using color coat. sure-coat will be used without using sand free.

4. To promote adhesion on TPO. EPDM, PP and other similar thermoplastics, use adhesion promoter.

5. Apply Sem color coat or Sem sure-coat.

TIP: If type of plastic is unknown, place a drop of lacquer thinner on back of the plastic and rub with your finger. If plastic smears & melts, use sand free for adhesion promoter if using color coat. If lacquer thinner does not have an affect on the plastic, use adhesion promoter.

open car door and seat looked bad
refinished with Sem sure-coat
faded and discolored.
improved 100% with Sem products.
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Refinishing vinyl:

1. Clean first with Sem soap. rinse with water until beading no longer occurs and dry.

2. Clean with Sem viny prep (3834) or with Sem world class vinyl/plastic prep (3846). rinse with water and dry.

3. Apply Sem color coat, Sem sure-coat, or Sem classic coat.

4. Sem satin gloss clear or Sem high gloss clear can be applied after using color coat to avoid any rare tacky feeling.

Refinishing leather:

1. Clean first with Sem soap (be sure leather is dry before any repair or recoloring work follows)

2. Clean with Sem plastic/leather prep (3835) (If not using sem soap due to damp weather conditions or need to get job done quickly, clean minimum of two times with Sem plastic/leather prep).

3. Can scuff leather with gray pad (you did this while cleaning) or 400-600 grit sandpaper.  Be sure to clean again after sanding with Sem plastic/leather prep.

4. Apply Sem sure-coat or Sem classic coat.

Enhancing carpet & velour:   strictly for enhancement--not drastic color change.

1. Clean with a good quality shampoo.

2. Clean with Sem plastic/leather prep. Allow surface to dry and then vacuum.

3. Apply two light coats of Sem color coat or Sem classic coat, allowing 3-5 minutes flash time between coats. Immediately after each coat, brush in all directions with a nylon brush to keep the fibers separated.

4. Allow last coat to dry 5-10 minutes. Brush surface again in all directions to make certain fibers are separated, then vacuum.

Tip: picking a color that looks a shade or two darker will do the job better and more quickly for you.

Sem classic coat application:  

1. Shake well.

2. Hold can 6-8" from the surface.

3. Apply light mist coats allowing sufficient drying time between coats.

4. Note that spray tip can be adjusted for either a vertical or horizontal fan spray pattern.

same entire seat with bad appearance.
refreshed with only 8 oz. of Sem sure-coat.